What is the difference between Judaism and Zionism?

Zionism is a political party and organization tools cruel and violent and illegitimate usurpation of the objectives pursued.
Name of a mountain of Zion at Jerusalem shrine of Prophet David Prophet (PBUH), and the word Zionism from which it was taken.
Before the First World War, journalist (Theodore Herzl) from Austria, or Hungary in 1895, a book called (the Jewish state) wrote and published. In it he spoke of the need to form an independent state for the Jewish people and the Jewish state but the location has not been mentioned at all.
The book proposed that the Jewish Agency would be formed to plan party talks and to adjust the map and a Jewish company, which shares the movement's economic needs meet.
The first Zionist congress in the city (Basel, Switzerland) was formed in Palestine, the Jewish state was determined by Congress.
After the defeat of the Ottoman and British rule over Palestine, Lebanon and the First World War that the Palestinians had reached its limits. One of the leaders of Zionism in the name of (Herbert Samuel) Notes to the members of the British cabinet offered its public and its representatives note that the proposed creation of a Jewish state in Palestine under British supervision, and on the other hand, a group of Jewish leaders, and Wiseman professor of chemistry, University of Manchester doctor, headed by the discovery of (Steven) was essential for the explosives, were influential in British society and the state apparatus, with officials from Britain as well as France and America about the formation of the Jewish state in Palestine negotiated and finally to the point where British Foreign Minister Balfour promised to create a Jewish state in the second day of November 1917, according to the Jewish Zionists and therefore with the full support of Britain and America and French governments formed their own.
In summary, the factors affecting the formation of the Zionist state as follows:
1. urge the leaders of Judaism and Zionism to create a Jewish state in Palestine;
2. The government is ready to save the nations of the West and the East of Jews and political and economic harassment; Jews in any country that is because of the country's economy and why Hitler burned Jews and expelled them Russian;
3. The most important global arrogance believed that a cancerous tumor in the heart of the Islamic countries to the Arab and Muslim governments fail to reach unity and re-experience not to renew the Ottoman Empire and Israel are caught mainly Muslim community.
Jews are God's chosen people, and unlike their Christian and Muslim world know that their religion, Jews, unique redemption of the Jewish people do not properly understand and accept the Jewish faith on behalf of others and believe that Judaism is only through the generation and fathers pass
So in the midst of Jewish Zionist political parties, and believed to statehood in Palestine and its expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates, as all Jews do not believe in. هم چنین صهیونیست معتقد به برتری نژادی یهود بر دیگران است و به همین خاطر یک اعتقاد نژادپرستانه را دنبال می کنند و نیز معتقد به پیشبرد اهداف خود با قدرت نظامی و سلطه گری بر دیگران هستند و این اعتقاد اگر چه در میان بسیاری از یهودیان وجود دارد and often are pro-Zionist, but a large number of Jews who agree with these beliefs, they lack their number is increasing. So we see that there is opposition to Zionism within the Jewish community and the Israeli Zionists began to organize independently of and in opposition to continue with the State of Israel began. This organization exists in America and more recently in England also there.
The so-called Christian Zionists, a new term that refers to Christians as well as Jews, Zionists and Zionist thinking, believed to dominate the Jerusalem Jewish and Muslim holy sites are to be provided with the advent of Christ.