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Meet the leaders of the Zionist -Tzipi Livni, the bad-in the world of politics

چهارشنبه, ۲۰ بهمن ۱۳۹۵، ۰۱:۵۹ ب.ظ

In the sixth issue of familiarity with the leaders of Israel, the heads of the usurper regime and the criminal Zionist Tzipi Livni another look at that other than his fellows, murder and crimes against Muslims, especially Arabs, Palestinians and the world spared her femininity, of all moral corruption has used to advance personal and political purposes.

Watch : using women as a tool of espionage and psychological warfare program record, including the Jews and Zionists in particular. It is so common among Western and Israeli intelligence services that some women with drugs as two Mossad spy tool common in the West and two serious tool for spying speak their work. [1]

One of the most famous Mossad spy operation it has used methods of exploitation of women or the arrest of Mordechai Vanunu John Krasmn (Mordechai Vanunu also known as John Crossman) Israeli nuclear scientist and activist documents Israel's nuclear military activities in the UK and had been published. Vanunu was one of the Mossad targets for kidnapping him and taking him to Palestine from Europe, and he went to Rome through the relationship of the same type and arrested. Bntvf Mossad spy known as Cheryl Cheryl Ben Tov that his real name Hanyn Cheryl Cheryl Hanin)) has been nicknamed Cindy Vanunu was approached to trap him that Mossad had prepared for him until he lost consciousness in Rome and steal, and to Israel, where they dealt with him. [2]

John Krasmn Israeli nuclear scientist who was caught in the trap by Zionists

Typically women who are considered by the disgrace and immorality can not do much growth in political careers and to achieve a high location, but there is a special exception: Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel made an exception and has managed with this shameful history to achieve a high place among the Zionists. This is despite the fact that he expressly to many of the actions brought shame on his record is clear. [3]

Livni, who is it?

Tzypvrah Malkah (Tziporah Malkah), known as Tzipi Livni (Tzipi Livni) on 8 July 1958, was born in Tel Aviv in Israel. Eitan Livni and Sara Rosenberg, the son of Polish Jewish immigrants who were both members of the terrorist group Irgun. Irgun terrorist and paramilitary groups against the Palestinians during the period between 1917-1948 was the British occupation of Palestine.

Who is the girl on his grave stone Tzipi Livni (Tzipi Livni's father) map dummy Israel (the Nile to the Euphrates) to the role. [4]

Livni from time immemorial to 1996 served in the Mossad. The nature of his activities in the Mossad, of course, will be considered later in this text. But in 1996 he entered the political arena. First, try to be on the list of Likud in the election of 96 that did not succeed. But in 1999 the Israeli Knesset from the Likud membership income. In 2001 he was appointed to the Ministry of Regional Cooperation. And since then the Israeli cabinet posts such as the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, etc. have. In 2005, she followed Sharon split from Likud and joined Kadima. In 2006, the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, who was one of the most important administrative posts Gov. From 2006 to 2009 he was Foreign Minister and now the Minister of Justice of Israel.

Livni and her husband Taftaly Ashpytzr

His wife called an Israeli economy, "Naftaly Ashpytzr" and her two children, "Omer" and "Yuval" is. Livni commercial law graduate of Bar-Ilan University (Israel), and spent 10 years practicing law in the State of Israel is engaged. He is fluent in French and English.

Lyon before the beginning of political activities, as well as members of the Special Operations Division of Intelligence and Special Tasks (Mossad), respectively.

Livni responsibilities in Israel

Israeli Parliament Knesset Member Tzipi Livni was in 1999 for the first time in March 2001, Minister of "regional cooperation" and in 2003 he won his second ministerial posts. Lyon in 2005 and in the Prime Minister "Ariel Sharon" and then withdraw, "Benjamin Netanyahu" the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was Israel's second woman foreign minister. In the same year he founded the party "Kadima" with Sharon and "Ehud Olmert" was prime minister. [5]

On September 17, 2008 was elected to lead Kadima after it was rumored that the Prime Minister will be elected, but luck was not with her sweetheart and lost the party leadership. [6]

After Ehud Olmert resigned as prime minister of Israel in the wake of financial scandals, political competition between Livni, the Israeli foreign minister at that time and Shaul Mofaz, transport minister to head the Kadima Israel escalated.

At December 12, 2009, when Lyon travel to England was supposed to be an arrest warrant for crimes against humanity and children in Gaza was issued against him, but Livni canceled her trip and the sentence was revoked on December 14. [7]

Livni, Israel's deputy prime minister at the time, headed the Israeli delegation was also in negotiations with the Palestinians.

Livni is Israel's second woman in history ever managed as foreign minister after Golda Meir, Israel's first female prime minister, won.

In 2012, he was also out of the Kadima party and formed a new party called the move means he could Hatnvah: Hatnuah The Movement

Mossad spy

Livni your activity as a top Mossad agent in Paris. In the early 80s, part of a "cover band" in Paris. At the time, Paris Mossad agents focus of the struggle with the Palestinians and those who helped Saddam acquire nuclear technology steamship, respectively.

Livni was a member of the special Mossad

Livni in an interview from the pressures of working as a secret agent of the Mossad and its role in the secret mission during the war with Lebanon has said. He could not even tell family members that a spy. He says that working for the Mossad as "living simultaneously in two different worlds" was. On the one hand, I was very proud of the work that I did and felt like I serve Israel's security. On the other hand, should have kept my mouth shut and Nmyzdm say a word about it. ". He said his country was ready to kill him on the way. According to Livni," killing and assassination, though not a legal action, if your country is on the way, is perfectly legitimate. " [8]

Livni also Mossad agent in Europe in the late eighties and codenamed "Sparrow" (Sparrow), using sexual relations, the Mossad requested information was collected from character and European politicians.

Spy full

As one former Israeli intelligence officer says, Livni at age 22 and after having completed his military service Mossad was to hire. Livni joined Mossad in 1980; at that time the Intelligence Service was entertaining identify and assassinate Palestinian militants.

Mossad, Livni has not released many details about the findings that The Times began publishing them indicates that Tzipi Livni when served as a spy in Europe has bought great risks to the lives.

"Said Ephraim Halevy," the former head of Mossad, Livni had served in a special unit. He was a trusted agent who had all the qualities of an ideal agent. For security reasons the word Halevi details about a specialized unit that Lyon from 1980 to 1984 served it refused. He was employed in the legal department of the Mossad and later was sent to Paris. Where he earned the nickname "pretty Mossad" were given to him.

Livni after he left the Mossad was studying law and does so until the late 1990s when he entered the world of politics.

Interview that was published 14 years

When you see Livni has ended its mission in Paris, the Sunday Times newspaper interview that the interview was not published until 14 years allowed. Livni in an interview in 1985 in which he said that the problems of the Zionist later in life he witnessed cases were seen. In the interview, which was published in 2008, its activities in the Mossad, Livni had confessed and said his country is willing to go hand in sexual relations with others!

He said in the interview: "I was young and beautiful and great men of various diplomats, as well as the French loved me closer to where I was pretty famous Mossad."

Livni in an interview published by Yedioth Ahronoth also about sexual attraction, said: "I'm ready for my country, but I even used sex since it was not asked me."

Tzypty Livni stated that there is nothing shameful in sexual intercourse with the help of which one can obtain information on behalf of the State of Israel confirms that sex is part of the work of Mossad.

Livni said at that time 22 years of age to protect information, also affected his personal life and has been able to establish an emotional connection with someone lived and intense loneliness. He says that even my father knew my work and was surprised when the French came to see me why I am without work, I wasted my time in this country?

He was involved in the assassination squad, then admits: I was ready to kill or assassinate anyone anymore. Although these are all (!) Legal, but if there is no harm in the country.

Livni during their work in response to the question of whether or not he had sex with someone: If you mean to say that ever since I have been asked by someone to sleep for my country, if, has asked me not included, but if I do not know what the answer will be asked! (Probably: Yes, because my country!) [9]

Livni, however, that the background for his own, later revealed in the interests of the Zionist regime is willing to do anything! From homosexuality to having an affair with the heads of some countries!

Livni, a homosexual

Livni won the Kadima party elections, rumors and some words spoken out again. Such talk could be what "Glenn Kaslr" American journalist mentioned in his book, noted. News "Elaf" wrote that "Glenn Kaslr" in his book of "gay" being Livni was unveiled.

Livni and Rice was very suspicious relationship

According to the report, the American correspondent writes, Tzipi Livni with his girlfriend that "Rind between" name had had sexual intercourse. [10]

Leon was a strong supporter of gays in Israel and accused of homosexuality and having sexual relations with women politicians. The most important addition to the above-mentioned charges, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's relationship with Livni. According to published reports, former education minister and member of the Knesset, Israel's Cabinet (Parliament) of the regime "Limor Lyon", Lyon's having an affair with her and the love they accused each other of political authority. [11]

Limor Lyon (Knesset representative): Rice and Livni is a gay romance has

On the other hand Condoleezza Rice did not deny the existence of such a relationship with Leon and even admitted that he is homosexual and his sexual partner also bought an apartment in New York.

Rice not only did not deny the existence of such a relationship, but made it clear that a homosexual and for your sexual partner also has produced an apartment in New York.

Harlot in politics

Illicit relations with Israel in the case of interest Tzipi Livni has repeatedly seen shameful life. Multiple extramarital affairs Livni goals of the Zionist regime so much that he as a diplomat sex (Sex diplomat) is known. [12]

Effrontery Livni in discussions about the affair to the extent that he has repeatedly stressed the existence of such relations. Livni at different times and in different interviews with leaders of other countries endorses had illicit sexual relations.

Livni stated clearly that while working on the Mossad several special operations including sexual relations with important figures for ransom from them. When he does as a spy for the regime's spy agency, Mossad, was charged with murder and to lure foreign characters with whom they had sexual relations. [13]

For example, at some point we Livni confessions:

Relationship with a number of Palestinian personalities

Livni explicitly Saeb Erekat and Yasser Abed Rabbo admitted that the affair has established the Palestinian negotiators.

Livni, Israel's chief negotiator some time as a collaborationist Palestinian negotiators had been talking, has admitted negotiating with two Palestinian Arabs, the "Saeb Erekat," Palestinian chief negotiator and "Yasser Abed Rabbo," Secretary of the Executive Committee the Palestinian liberation movement is communicated. Of course, this problem has not been approved or denied Arab officials. [14]

Livni with Saeb Erekat, a Palestinian collaborationist traitor

However, Livni's claim that he has a room where the two had sex, equipped with CCTV and detail images are recorded, [15] was enough to dare to deny Palestinian negotiators compromising your way to be released.

This is just one of the measures the diplomat sexual relations with one of his enemies that show the betrayal of the Palestinian collaborator as well. Other notable point in this story is that he took action to have sex with at least two Arab official who has a family and two children.

Yasser Abed Rabbo Palestinian collaborationist traitor Leon claimed

He has established the illicit relationship, Yasser Abed Rabbo did not deny the claim

Livni and Arab leaders

Livni repeatedly claimed that the relationship with some Arab leaders, and if they do not pay attention to the interests of the Zionist regime, videos related to this illegal behavior will publish on YouTube. But this time their counterparts Livni called on Palestinians not disclose such two collaborationist traitor!

Livni said that a number of Arab officials, foremost among them Amir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani and Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim very close relations. Livni their relations with the Qatari officials as an example of the best of his success in the office of the Zionist regime knows.

Swallow hard-hearted, very warm relations with the family of Al Thani has

Many Arab politicians from the Emir of Qatar has close ties with the Zionist regime during their tenure at the State Department by Leon expressed surprise, but its true cause in the Livni were realized.

Qatar relations with Israel at that time the highest political and security cooperation and coordination.

Livni wanted to be; the assassination to sexual relations

Tzipi Livni in an interview with Time magazine bluntly stated that he on several occasions to bring Arab leaders and even leaders of countries that has attempted sexual relations with Israel and Palestinian activists involved in the assassination of some and to the things over and over again in different European countries have been summoned to court but with the Zionist lobby has managed to escape the judicial proceedings. [16]

Livni murder and illicit sexual relations says such things in Judaism is legitimate.

Former Secretary of State has acknowledged Israel, killing a number of Palestinians and Arab scholars from the most important in his career in the Mossad's operation. [17]

It should be noted that Livni is still in some European countries with different names for offenses such as murder and blackmail wanted to help but Shyvnysy lobby has a particular problem for him was made.

Shameful of all this is that the Zionist lobby and efforts to create more and more popularity for the women harlot, Newsweek in 2001, he was one of the best women in the world have resulted in the growth of the world and put forward. [18]

Livni and strict Jewish law for women

Jewish religion (Judaism) about women is not very democratic. Therefore, any action towards women is very strict. However, Israeli rabbis in Israel's interest without a lot of practice women have known figures including Rabbi, yes Shfat of the most important Jewish rabbis, Israeli women in prostitution allowed the enemies to get important information and take it to the resource Jewish religious linked !! [19]

Livni while admitting to sex crimes to be one of the most prominent rabbis of Israel, the Zionist women's sexual relations with Tel Aviv enemies to get the information disclosed and it is permissible and said, Jewish law allows women with the enemy for important information about sexual relations.

Livni also claims that the rabbis justify sexual acts for sex and getting important information in the event of service to Israel permission of the enemy's Israel has said the field of foreign affairs, sexual relations is in the interests of the Zionist regime and if necessary again, will do it again. [20]

However, in view of many other rabbis Tzipi Livni should be stoned. [21]

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